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Redskins Win Title …



… as the NFL’s most accommodating team.  That’s right … the most accommodating!   If you need a win, just play against the Redskins.  The Carolina Panthers hadn’t won a game this season until facing the Skins.  Kansas City had lost 9 straight games, dating back to last year, before gaining a win against Washington this week.  Detroit had to go back three seasons and 18 games before avoiding defeat at the Redskins’ behest.  The Skins even tried their best to accommodate the Tampa Bay Bucs and the St. Louis Rams, 10 and 16 straight losses respectively, who each came up only a field goal short of a victory dance.

Many will argue that this dubious record by the Nation Capitol’s hapless football team makes them the “worst team” in the league.  It is hard to argue against that epithet.  But, I try to be as affirmative as possible in the face of such incredible negativism.

So, in the interest of putting a positive spin on the Skins’ dire situation, I am giving them the title of “most accommodating”.  Anyone who desires to taste triumph might consider making the Washington Redskins their next opponent … they are very likely to oblige.  John McCain, Bernie Madoff, AIG, and the Tennessee Titans … are you listening???

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