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New poll: Most L.A. voters support dispensaries


Medical marijuana poll: Most L.A. voters support dispensaries

Found this poll very interesting in light of today’s vow by the LA City Council to renew their attack on local dispensaries.  Once again, Government not coherent of the people’s will.

Yet, yesterday, the Feds made a step in the right direction when they said they will no longer raid MMD’s that are operating legally.
U.S. Mellows on Medical Marijuana

So, are you telling me that the Federal Government is more progressive than the Los Angeles City Council???   Hell, even the Governator and the Sac Pack are more in front of this issue than the Council-folk!

Wake up LA lawmakers and smell the vape, MMD’s are here to stay.  What you need to do, is make sure they do business in a “professional” manner (discussed at length in The Medical Marijuana Circus). Stop squabbling about your utopian pot-less world and realize that people are receiving incredible benefits from medi-jane. Your job is to make sure it is done right, while not restricting it’s legal and proper access. Your responsibility is to make sure it’s done responsibly. Or, you can continue down this broken path, lose expensive court battles like the one yesterday brought by the Green Oasis dispensary, and unnecessarily waste taxpayers dollars and resources. Unfortunately, history shows you to be very adept at being inept.

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